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CONTACT:, startropics @ plurk, [personal profile] murkrows
CHARACTERS PLAYED: None, but I’m also apping Elsa.


NAME: His canon name is Beat. For AU purposes, it's a nickname, and his real name is Takeshi Honomura.
CANON: Jet Set Radio Future
CANON REFERENCE: Here. The wiki is kind of questionable, so I'd be happy to answer any other questions.
AGE: Beat is nineteen in this AU. In the original Jet Set Radio he is seventeen, but since Future seems to be a canon AU, his age is unknown.
YEAR IN SCHOOL/FACULTY POSITION: Beat had to repeat a few grades, so he's a high school junior.
APPEARANCE: The douchecanoe himself. A Japanese guy with red hair which may or may not be dyed (he swears it's a minor physical mutation). He stands at 5'10", and is pretty well toned due to years of excessive parkour. He prefers to wear bright colours and has headphones on at all times. He seems to like both tight and loose clothing, depending on whether he wants to run around a lot or look 'good' that day.

PERSONALITY: We would like at least four paragraphs here. If you can do more, that's great, but anything less will be given an automatic revision. What we want here are the ins and outs of the character. Their motivations, personal strengths, and weaknesses. What makes them tick, so to speak. This is not a history section. If at all possible, please back up major personality points with canon examples. Site canon whenever possible. If there are some differences in the personality due to the AU nature of the game, please note them here, but remember that your character's personality cannot be too drastically different. The core character should remain the same.

POWERS/ABILITIES: Beat is a sound manipulator, capable of controlling both the waves themselves and the sounds registered in an ear.

He can modify (distort/mimic, intensify, hush, echo, speed up, slow down) any sound wave he creates himself to its full extent, and perform lesser modifications to other waves. For example, he can change his own voice to sound identical to anyone else’s, but there will be differences if he tries the same trick on another person’s voice; it will only be enough to fool people who aren’t paying much attention.

He can also generate waves, and use them for various purposes – mostly in tandem with his rollerskates. He can create walls, pathways, or ramps out of sound waves, which he can then skate on. Likewise, he can fly or propel himself forward using soundwaves, which means he basically has instant acceleration anywhere.

Despite the fact that he does have a fair amount of raw power, Beat doesn’t have a lot of practice at using sound as anything other than forward propulsion. Until he learns to control himself better, extended exposure to his powers may cause headaches (Beat himself is immune).

AU HISTORY: This is the meat of the AU. We want a detailed history of their character. Their early life, how they came to discover they were a mutant, and what lead them to the institute. If they've been here awhile, we'd like to know what they've done since coming to Xavier. If they're a returning character, we want to fill in the gap between when they were here last and now. Once again, spare no detail. There is no hard limit on how long this needs to be, but if we feel it is too barebones, there will be a revision, so please do what you can.


NETWORK SAMPLE: You may link from an outside source, either our Test Drive or other places, but they MUST be set in the game. An acceptable linked sample for this prompt must be have at least seven comments from YOUR character in the linked thread.
This is basically to show off character voice in the form of a network post. It can be text, vocal, or video. We want at least some dialog, though in cases of less talkative characters, we are willing to accept character 'voice' in more subtle ways. Make it work!

LOG SAMPLE: You may link from an outside source, either our Test Drive or other places, but they MUST be set in the game. An acceptable linked sample for this prompt must be have at least seven comments from YOUR character in the linked thread.
This is an example of your ability to write the character's introspection. Their thoughts, feelings, and reactions to a given situation. Get inside their head. Remember to show, not tell. These are off network, what would normally go in the log community. You do not necessarily need to write this prose style, and can do a bracket style if you choose. But we still need to see a healthy amount of introspection.

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